Hereford Street Carpark, Christchurch

Apr 8, 2018 6:00:00 PM   /   Simon Hoyle

Hereford St Car Park | Insol Ltd


Completed in April 2017, this striking car park facade in Christchurch presented Insol with some challenges but resulted in a superior solution.

Client: Freshfields

Architect: Peddle Thorp Architects

Contractor: Calder Stewart Construction

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The Brief

A decorative façade of perforated sheet metal and expanded aluminium mesh with woodgrain-finished aluminium fins. The façade was to be fixed off from the interior, using no external access equipment.

Key Challenges

  • No external access for installation.
  • Budget was extremely tight, and our initial pricing was above expectations.

Our Approach

We designed bespoke fixing details to modulise and pre-fit the façade screens to the primary building structure before it was craned into place, to remove the need for external access equipment. We also researched alternative materials to reduce costs.


We met the client's budget by sourcing and developing cost-saving alternative products, while retaining architectural intent.

The contractor’s goal of eliminating any access requirements from the outside was also met, by our pre-fit approach to installation.

Our design methodology allowed us to pre-fabricate components and avoid delays despite a tight, and at times spasmodic, schedule.


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