Extruded Aluminium Louvres

Tailoring solutions for the complicated and beautiful, extruded aluminium is adapted to the architectural intent. We offer an extended range of standard options and a bespoke solution service for a completely unique aesthetic.

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Perforated and Expanded Sheet Metal

Unlimited design effects are made possible with the use of perforated and expanded sheet metal. Striking and customisable, they use natural light to enhance interiors whilst developing and delivering a character to the exterior. 

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Adding flair and individualisation to buildings, the addition of a fabric mesh can reinvigorate and revitalise virtually any area.  Our expertise with mesh delivers versatility and personalisation. Functionality (shading, privacy, sun screening) delivered with full creative freedom (graphics, backlighting).

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The soft warmth and appeal of natural timber is carefully designed to add a distinguishing element to buildings.  We’ll work beside you to create a customised solution that can provide sun shading whilst delivering a unique look to alter building aesthetics.

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Often used to add a finishing flourish to a design, the clever use of grating for privacy and sun shading can compliment and complete a building.  Our experience can assist you finalise a vision with a trusted and customisable product.

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A proprietary approach to canopy design and development has led to a canopy range which is simple and effective in meeting people friendly frontage regulations and needs. The fascia's are fully customisable for a bespoke finish. 

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Custom Design

We specialise in bringing architectural intent to life. Intricate designs are underpinned by innovative engineering, the seen and unseen in perfect unison. If you need a custom facade, speak with us about your vision. Together we'll create something unique and lasting. 

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Whether it is to make an impact statement with a bold colour or to add a final flourish to a design with subtle tones, a range of curated options are available for consideration.

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Product Samples

We can bring product samples to you. For an in-person presentation of products and physical samples, please fill in this form. 

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