The Insol Difference

It really is just one thing. Although it sits at the centre of a number of overlapping areas that all require in-depth knowledge, understanding and experience. To that end, the simplicity of being expert at one thing is far more complicated than being proficient in multiple areas and explains why we are the only specialists for bespoke architectural facade screening in NZ.

Over the years we have gained a unique level of capability that spans manufacturing, facade engineering and construction methodology. Within those areas are the overlapping issues of regulatory compliance, testing & innovation and service & quality. By concentrating on this specific area it means we are able to bring solutions which are simpler, faster and more cost effective. It means we can maintain architectural intent. It means we push design and engineering boundaries and help realise the founding vision of innovating and setting trends. 

For architects, our expertise allows us to adapt, change and innovate to do what's necessary to turn your vision and reality. 

For construction, our expertise delivers efficiencies and navigates compliance to bring projects in on time and on (or under) budget.