We’re SiteWise Green certified.  This means we’ve been assessed by independent experts who have graded our Health & Safety capability.
That grade is available to Head Contractors, aiding them in making a more informed contractor selection and improving the tendering process.  

Insol has been awarded ‘Green Status’ with a grade of 86%.

This recognizes the quality of the health and safety systems we have in place and hold ourselves accountable. It’s a pleasing score that provides a high level of reassurance but it’s not the end of the journey.  

Our goal is to keep everyone safe.  As expected for a company involved in manufacturing and active on construction sites across the country, we have our own strict set of policies and procedures.  To ensure we are held to account and do not let any other aspect of the business influence policy, our Health & Safety Management Group is led by an external, independent expert.  The work of this group is clear.  To ensure best practice as standard and mandate change as necessary.

Helping to reduce risk further, our ability to fabricate many facade elements off-site reduces the number of people and time required on site.  Possible on a large scale, off-site fabrication also reduces waste on site and installation can be planned around other work for greater operational ease.  

Insol holds all applicable insurances and employees are all Police vetted.