Our experience and skill across design, engineering, manufacturing and construction management is unmatched by anyone else in the industry.


Greg Simmons

General Manager

The Founder of Insol®. With a keen interest in all things mechanical, rest assured a new product or design is never far away.

Branch: Invercargill


Tom Simmons

Operations Manager

Keeping tabs on our many projects, making sure production runs smoothly, meeting construction deadlines... basically in charge of making things happen.

Branch: Invercargill


Bradley Murray

Auckland Operations

Tasked with managing a fast growing area of our business, the favoured approach to apply a smile to any situation which gets results. 

Branch: Auckland


Dale Condon

Project Manager

With enough experience to have seen most situations at least once before, a great source of common sense and industry related knowledge.

Branch: Invercargill


Callie Arnold

Contracts Admin

Health & Safety, Contracts, Invoicing, Admin etc, doing the important things that are too hard for everyone else - as long as you ask nicely.

Branch: Invercargill


Anna Valli


Anna Hails from Vietnam and looks after the many administrative requirements that come with running a nationwide business.

Branch: Invercargill


Simon Hoyle

Sales Manager

Specialising in accurate Tender proposals and also very well versed in the Technical and Legal side of the industry.

Branch: Auckland


Jim Hart

Project Manager

Quoting, Drawing, Project Management and Installation, a vital part of our middle to lower North Island operations.


Julia Kennerley


The friendly face at Auckland reception. Julia is often the voice on the end of the phone. She keeps the administration ticking for the Auckland branch and also looks after our marketing tasks.

Branch: Auckland


Vincent Murray

Project Manager

Based in the South Island, Vincent is responsible for the Quoting, Drawing, Management and Installation of projects. Handy sort of guy to have around. 



Derek Manson

Design Manager

A fully qualified product designer, Derek has had a lot of experience creating solutions, particularly in the field of 3D printing. We don’t need skulls and hip joints printed here at Insol but he still finds interesting things to do all the same.

Branch: Invercargill



If you can't find what you want
it's likely we can build it!

The team at Insol provides a vast experience pool to draw from. We have the ability to custom design, engineer and build to your specific requirements.

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